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Dublin Airport is known by the official IATA code of DUB, and also as the largest and busiest airport in terms of commercial passenger traffic on the island of Ireland. It is located in the Republic of Ireland, just a few kilometres north of Dublin city centre, and is a major gateway for business professionals and tourists. Significant numbers of international passengers are recorded every year as well, ranking the airport as the 17th largest in terms of international traffic. The provision of airport parking for motorists in their own vehicles is extensive, and various parking areas are easily located nearby the terminals of the airport. They are paid parking lots, and available for use by any passenger.

The airport’s main access road is the M1 from Dublin city or from areas north, such as Drogheda and Swords. Many other major highways lead into Dublin city from all areas in the Republic of Ireland, and link to the M50, which is the city’s ring road. Dublin and it’s airport is therefore easily accessed from any town or city nearby. The airport is found in the area of Collinstown, in the county of Fingal, and just 10km, or 6.2 miles from Dublin city centre. Many passengers drive private vehicles to the airport, and make use of the parking areas available. There are a few short-term and long-term parking lots, or passengers can be dropped off outside their terminal of departure. Reserved spaces are provided for passengers with reduced mobility challenges as well. The airport consists of two terminal buildings, referred to as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and there are parking areas more convenient for passengers of each terminal. Terminal 2 was only opened in 2010, and is therefore the airport’s latest development, built with a new multi-storey parking building as well.

Parking – Short-term

In total, the airport offers it’s passengers a few thousand short-term parking spaces, in a few parking areas. Parking is available twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, since the airport terminals never close. Most of the short-stay parking spaces are found in multi-storey parking buildings, and are therefore undercover spaces. They are also found very nearby the terminals, and passengers can easily walk to the check-in area from their vehicles. No shuttle bus transport is required for short-term parking. The areas are best used for stays of up to five hours, as longer stays will be quite expensive. The short-term car parks are ideal for seeing someone off or for meeting friends and family at the airport.

The Short-Term Car Park C has 1,500 parking spaces available, and is located next to Terminal 1. It is a multi-storey building, with a height restriction of 1.85 metres. It is about a two to four minute walk from Terminal 1, and about a six to eight minute walk from Terminal 2. For easier access to either terminal, Short-Term Car Park A can be used, which has approximately 400 parking spaces. It is about a two to four minute walk to either terminal. Terminal 2 has a short-term car park as well, with 950 spaces in a multi-storey building, and there is a covered walkway between the parking lot and terminal building. The height restriction for this car park is 2.2 metres.

Dublin Airport parking can either be pre-booked online, or passengers may simply use the drive up and park spaces. Booking rates online are €9.95 per day, or part thereof, and the drive up rates are €3.00 for the first hour and €4.50 per additional hour of stay, with a maximum of €40.00 per day. From the first of January 2012, parking prices are inclusive of 23% VAT.

In addition, there is an Executive Parking lot adjacent to Terminal 1 that is ideally used by business travellers. It has a dedicated entrance and exit with vehicle license plate recognition, and is therefore very convenient. Permits are available on an annual basis.

Short-term parking for disabled drivers

In the two main short-term car parks, there are more than 90 spaces dedicated for use by passengers with reduced mobility. These parking lots are the ones dedicated to either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. For Terminal 1, there are fifty spaces available, located on the lower ground floor of the car park, and for Terminal 2, there are 40 spaces between levels 1 and 2 of the new multi-story car park. The parking spaces are specially treated with a non-slip surface, and are most convenient for wheelchair access. They are also clearly signposted. Disabled spaces are recommended to be pre-booked, as there are special rates available.

Parking – Long-term

The long-term car parks at the airport are not as nearby to the terminal buildings, but are much cheaper options than the short-stay areas, and are therefore ideal for stays of a few days or even a few weeks. They are also open twenty-four hours a day, and are quite easily accessed by a free shuttle service. The long-term car parks may be used for both terminals. There is no specific area for each passenger building. The spaces available can be pre-booked, or passengers may simply drive and park.

The Express Long-Term Red car park, with 8,400 spaces, is one of the areas available nearby Dublin Airport, and is approximately five minutes away by shuttle bus. The shuttle buses stop at both terminals, nearby the departure areas. Shuttle transfers are available every eight minutes, and are vehicles which are able to accommodate wheelchair users. Passengers who need assistance upon their arrival should call the airport’s reduced mobility service provider, One Complete Solution Ltd (OCS) via the help point located in the bus shelter nearby to the disabled parking spaces, of which there are fifty available in this car park. OCS can also be contacted at the following number: +353 1 8145906.

The second long-term car park is known as the Holiday Blue parking area, and is about ten minutes away from the terminals by shuttle bus. It is located at the back of the airport, on the Ballymun Road, or the R108. Here there are 4,000 parking spaces available from €4.95 per day if pre-booked or €7.50 per day if the drive up and park spaces are used. The shuttle buses operate twenty-four hours a day, and are available every fifteen minutes.

Automatic paystations are located in both terminals and nearby to the entrances of the terminals’ multi-storey car parks which are able to accept cash, credit cards or laser cards. The paystations in the Coach/Surface Car Park and Long-Term Red Car Park can be used by customers paying in cash. Passengers may also use a credit card at the exit barrier of the parking areas.

Further details regarding Dublin Airport parking is available from the Car Park information line at 1800 204 010, if calling from within Ireland, or at +353 1 8144820 if calling from outside Ireland. Email enquiries can be sent to parkingdublin@daa.ie.

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