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Dublin Airport is located approximately 10km, or 6.2 miles from the city centre of Dublin, the largest city in the Republic of Ireland. It is in the area of Collinstown, and in the county of Fingal. The airport is known as the largest on the island of Ireland, and also one of the busiest in the world, especially in terms of international passenger traffic. It has the official code of DUB, and is a hub for several airline companies. Arriving passengers will find a selection of car hire companies at their disposal, including Avis Dublin. Avis hires vehicles which are suitable for all occasions, and are able to offer competitive car rental rates.

The car rental offices of Avis are found in both of the terminal buildings, and are therefore a convenient choice for many passengers. In Terminal 1, the car hire companies are found in the main arrivals hall, and are visible after exiting the customs area, and in Terminal 2, car rental companies operate from the multi-storey car parking area. There are signs which lead the way from the arrival areas. Terminal 2 is a new building, having only been completed for business in 2010, and has the capacity to handle up to fifteen million passengers per annum. It is extremely well equipped with facilities for all it’s passengers, and from where all flights of Aer Lingus are operated, as well as other airline companies with long-haul flights. If you are on a short-haul flight, you will most likely land at Terminal 1.

At this airport location, there are no minimum or maximum age requirements for hiring a vehicle from Avis, however, the primary renter is required to have held a valid drivers license in his/her country for at least four years prior to the rental date. The same is required for any additional drivers listed on the rental contract. Although vehicle insurance is highly recommended, collision damage waiver and theft protection coverage are optional. Should additional insurance be required, it is best to make the purchase from Avis, at their Dublin Airport rental location, in order to reduce or even remove the insurance excess. Staff at the Avis rental counters can assist with further information. Further requirements for a primary renter include the possession of a major credit card, as debit cards are not accepted. The cards which can be used for an Avis hire include American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard/Eurocard and Visa. An Avis Charge Card may also be used.

Passengers arriving and making use of car hire services will find that each company offers a wide range of vehicles for hire. There are smaller cars which are ideal for driving in the city of Dublin, as the roads here can be small, winding and quite difficult to navigate, and larger vehicles ideal for families who would like to tour the countryside. In general, driving in the city centre of Dublin is not recommended, but a hire car for travelling between towns is very convenient. Avis’ vehicles are arranged into various car groups, and are booked and priced accordingly. Mini and Economy vehicles are very popular choices, as they are generally offered with very affordable rental rates, and are easy to drive provided that you are comfortable with a manual transmission. They are the company’s smallest cars, and may be similar to the Toyota Aygo, Opel Corsa and Nissan Micra.

Compact vehicles are available in a wide range, and include the Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Qashqai, Ford Focus and Nissan Juke, while larger vehicles hired are found in the categories of Intermediate (Renault Scenic), Standard (Opel Insignia) and Luxury (Audi A6). Standard-sized vehicles and Luxury cars may have an automatic transmission, which is often preferable for certain customers. Passengers arriving in groups will have some fine vehicle choices as well, since that the Volkswagen Transporter has the capacity for nine and the Opel Zafira is able to accommodate six people. Vans are spacious vehicles with plenty of room for passengers and luggage items, and although more expensive to hire than the smaller vehicle models, may be cheaper than hiring several smaller cars.

Certain aspects may be included in the price of your Avis rental, but optional equipment will need to be reserved, and will incur additional charges. However, a child seat for babies or toddlers travelling in Ireland is a requirement by law, and a satellite navigation system may be just what you need to successfully conquer your journey. Avis has these items of equipment and others available for all their hire cars. Keep in mind that car seats come in different sizes, and the age of your child/children will need to be specified in order to receive equipment which is adequate. Avis hand controls for disabled drivers may also be available, and from Dublin Airport, hand controls will require an advanced reservation. This device is free of charge.

Avis one way hire services may be an option for customers who would prefer not to return to the car rental location. One way hires can be delivered to any Avis rental location in Ireland, and may even be allowed out of the country, and into Northern Ireland, the portion of Ireland which falls under the regulations of the United Kingdom. Customers with an extensive travel itinerary should confirm all details with Avis, before arriving.

Avis Dublin will be happy to assist with all further information required.

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